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September 16-18


Covid & Other Policies

COVID-19 at Fandango! 2022

Unless transmission rates drop dramatically by then, please be aware that it is likely that at least a few of the people attending Fandango! 2022 could be actively infectious with SARS-CoV-2 because:

COVID-19 Etiquette

Because not everyone will face the same level of personal and/or family consequences, should they become infected with Covid, and because not all of us have the same innate level of tolerance for what we perceive as risk-taking behavior, and because we do not all have the same level of comfort in being able to proactively speak up when someone else's actions make us feel unsafe...

... Before lowering or removing your mask to expose your nose or mouth, please channel your most kind, considerate, cooperative, tolerant, and community-minded English Country Dancer spirit and seek consent to do so or politely offer to step away from anyone standing within 6 feet of you.

COVID-19 Policies

Covid policies will be adjusted as needed in response to changing conditions.

Masks: Well-fitting masks that fully cover your nose and mouth are required while dancing. We will have masks available at no charge at the front desk for those who need one. See Decatur Rec Center policies below for full details re: mask wearing in the building.

Vaccines: All participants must be fully vaccinated.

Boosters: All participants must have had at least one booster. 2nd booster is at individual discretion*.

* Some people may elect to wait until Fall/Winter 2022 to get a 2nd booster when an immunity top up may become more important or (fingers crossed) a new, variant-optimized vaccine may become available.

Decatur Rec Center Policies

Smoking/Drinking: No Smoking or Alcoholic Beverages are permitted within Decatur Rec Center premises.

Contact Tracing: Valid email and phone numbers must be collected from all participants, to be used for Covid-19 contact tracing**.

Masks: All people inside the Decatur Rec Center building must be masked when closer than 6 feet apart**.

** As part of our venue contract with the Decatur Recreation Center, we signed a 'Covid Rider' agreeing to maintain these policies.

Other Policies

Shoes: Dancers must wear clean, soft-soled, non-marking shoes on the dance floor.

Video: Some dances will be videotaped for publication on the ECDA website and YouTube. Purchase of a ticket implies acceptance of such distribution.

Refunds: Covid surges & variants are unpredictable. You may request a full refund until September 16, no questions asked. See Registration page for refund details.