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September 16-18


Venue & Transportation


Decatur Recreation Center
231 Sycamore Street,
Decatur, GA 30030


Parking in Decatur is at a premium, so here's some basic info:

Public Transportation

For those dancers who are flying in for Fandango and plan to use public transportation: You can take the MARTA subway line from inside Hartsfield Airport all the way to within one block of the Dance Hall.

  1. Take any Northbound train 7 stops to the Five Points station
  2. Switch to the Eastbound (Indian Creek) train
  3. Go 6 stops to the Decatur station.
  4. Exit the station at the Church Street end
  5. Walk directly across Church Street (corner of Church and Sycamore)
  6. Walk one block to Dec Rec (on your right)