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About ECD & ECDA

How do I love ECD? Let me count the ways....

Some people love ECD for the music -- we dance to beautiful tunes taken from classical arrangements, old ballads, and the modern era. Others love ECD for its uncomplicated moves that are chained together to form intricate, lyrical patterns. And almost everyone loves ECD for the communal dance experience, which can be energizing, mesmerizing, and just plain fun!

Don't have a dance partner to bring with you? No problem! Just come alone. ECDA culture is that couples change partners at the end of every dance and no one sits out unless they want to.

Never tried this before? No problem! Unlike in the movies, every ECDA dance starts with a walkthrough during which the caller teaches the dancers what to do and then continues to "Call" (give instruction and prompt the moves) throughout the entire dance. And, like other new skills, the terminology and moves used in ECD get easier with time and practice. Regular ECDA dances are beginner friendly and the atmosphere is supportive of new dancers.

You may have seen ECD on TV before but English Country Dance in the 21st century is not all Regency Balls and period costumes (although there is certainly a time and a place for that -- check out these suggestions for the Saturday night Ball at each year's Fandango! dance weekend). No special clothing is needed for our regular ECDA dances other than clean, soft-soled shoes that won't scruff up the dance floor.

See for yourself. Here are clips of a group of ECDA dancers practicing in advance for the Saturday night Ball to be held during Fandango! 2015. Clips show the "walk through" and then the dance itself with calling by Everett Lunsford and music by 'Round Robbin: Robbin Marcus (piano), Dave Marcus (concertina), and Meredith Doster (flute).

NOTE: Because they will be danced at a national dance weekend, the dances shown in these clips are more complex than those normally danced during a regular ECDA Sunday.

Mr Legge's Initiation
Whiskey Before Dinner
Farmer's Joy
Whiskers  (and here is what "Whiskers" ended up looking like at the Ball )

ECDA Board of Directors

English Country Dance Atlanta (ECDA), a local affiliate of the Country Dance and Song Society of America (CDSS), is a non-profit (tax-exempt 501c3) organization that sponsors English Country dances in the Atlanta/Decatur area.

In November 2014, ECDA assembled its first Board of Directors and gave them responsibility for producing, publicizing, and staging ECDA events such as its regular Sunday dance, the annual Fandango! dance weekend, and other special events. The Board also oversees finances, provides artistic direction where needed, and responds to dance community concerns.

The ECDA Board is composed of an Executive Committee (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer) and up to three additional Members-at-Large.

The current Board of Directors includes
Chris Carroll (President)
Kathryn Adams (Vice President)
Kim Mallett (Secretary)
Karen Hudlow (Treasurer)
Mara Bennett (Member at Large)
Seth Tepfer (Member at Large)
Emily Vorder Bruegge (Member at Large)

ECDA bylaws were first adopted on March 15, 2015 and most recently amended in October 2016. A copy of the current bylaws are available by clicking here.

To contact the ECDA Board of Directors, please email