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California Poppy


Will you be selling tickets at the door?

That has not been decided yet.

Check In

What sort of documentation should I bring with me for use during check in this year?

• Valid ID with your picture on it.

• Copy of your final confirmation email. (This will be helpful if, for any reason, we do not have your information listed on the front desk check-in sheet).

Saturday Night Costumes

Should I dress up on Saturday night?

YES! Formal dress is encouraged.
(Besides ... When are you going to get a better chance to channel your inner Lydia Bennet, Fitzwilliam Darcy, Mr. Collins, or Lady Catherine de Bourgh??)

...Go for it!!

Gender Balancing

Is registration gender balanced?

Not deliberately. And even when equal numbers of men and women register for the weekend the balance among potential partners can be skewed at any given time since everyone isn't on the floor at the same time. Given that our collective goal is to dance as much as possible you are urged to ignore issues of gender when asking or being asked to dance.

New Dancers

Do you have to have been dancing for years to attend this weekend?

Absolutely not!! We strongly encourage new-ish dancers to attend.


Is there a deadline for requesting housing?

We are still determining if we can offer housing with local dancers this year.
See the
Housing page for a list of area hotels that are offering Fandango! group rates.


I'm not sure I can make it for the whole weekend. May I pay ala carte for just certain sessions?

Absolutely. You can pre-register for individual dances either online or through the mail. See details on the Registration page.

I'm un/underemployed, do you have work scholarships available?

No, but we do have a discount rate available for you.
See details on the Registration page.


Does Fandango provide meals?

No. All meals are on your own.

Where do I find food in Decatur?

LOTS of places. If you turn left out of the Dec Rec front door and walk a block or two you will be tummy-deep in more restaurants than Henry I had illegitimate children*. Want to see the full list of restaurants? Check out this link to the Decatur Chamber of Commerce's "Taste of Decatur."

*Henry I, the youngest son of William the Conquerer, must have had a LOT of dance partners. Historians have identfied at least 22 children that got half of their out-of-wedlock DNA from him.