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California Poppy

Dance Leader
Kalia Kliban    

Kalia Kliban has been performing and teaching in a wide range of styles since the mid-80s, and she’s a regular contra and English caller in the vibrant California Bay Area dance community as well as at events across the US and beyond.

Her welcoming and relaxed teaching style has helped dancers of all levels experience the joy of traditional dance. Since the onset of COVID restrictions she has been part of the online dance community, collaborating with caller Sharon Green in running the Odd Sundays English series.

Persons of Quality

Jon Berger

Rebecca King


Jim Oakden

(clarinet and more)

Persons of Quality

Persons of Quality n. 1: Emigrants, religious exiles, political rebels, serving men sold for a term of service, apprentices, children stolen, maidens pressed, and others who went from Great Britain to the American Plantations 1600 – 1700.

Persons of Quality n. 2: Three talented musicians who perform English Country Dance music with enthusiasm and imagination, using a wide array of instruments. Each tune gets a vivid treatment and driving rhythm, which is both wonderful to listen to, and a pleasure to dance to.

Listen to a sample of their tunes here.